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    Winter Games sucessfully held in BLD Huizhou factory
    Release Date:2016-01-12 16:56:47

    2016/01/09,The Winter Games sucessfully held in BLD Huizhou factory

    The games included table tennis, badminton, basketball, football, billiards and other competitions.
    Table tennis.

    In the table tennis men's, women's singles competition, the players tried their best, some fighting, after up to five hours of fierce fighting, Wei hang Bo won the third in men's singles .


    adminton is a sport of skill. The game players morale, intense competition, the offensive and defensive performance thoroughly. After exciting showdown, Chen ming Xi won the second men's singles second.


    Unlike single game, basketball requires more teamwork. Basketball team complement each other, encourage continuously play several times in one day, after a fierce fight, eventually made men's basketball championship.



    picture 1 , badminton moment

    Picture 2, Table tennis moment

    Picture 3, Basketball moment

    picture 4, Award-winning staff photo

    picture 5, All member photo

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