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  • HomepageProduct Center Supercapacitor Modules 90V9.6F Supercapacitor Module
    90V9.6F Supercapacitor Module
    Currently,there are standard power modules with 16V series、48V series、64V series、86V series,which generally cover market demands, meanwhile we also make a variety of customized modules as well as provide power solution.
    Description Parameter
    • High power density;
    • Voltage balancing between individual cells;
    • Output of monitoring signal for over-voltage and temperature;
    • Circuit balancer during modules;
    • CAN communication;
    • Water-proof design IP65;
    • Aluminum alloy to improve heating dissipation;
    • Vibration:Q/HBm 108-94、QC/T 741-2014;
    • Shock:TB/T 3058-2002.
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