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  • The super capacitor application in the field of military industry
    Application Program Overview Projects

    Application description

    Starting at Low Temperature for Tank: Reliable starting at low temperature or depletion of the battery.
    Hybrid Electric Drive System for War Vehicle: Providing the required power for control center and the field hospital.
    Naval Sonar/Electromagnetic Gun: Releasing stored energy to get high current, to produce propulsion with reliable instantaneous acceleration and bulletproof induction ability.

    Program introduction
    24V/60Ah portable power supply
    Suitable for radar surveillance equipment
    Suitable for military field operations equipment, emergency power supply
    Small size, light weight, easy to carry, can be multi-channel output
    High-performance of waterproof and thermal structure design, suitable for harsh environment under field conditions.

    outer dimentions: 400mm*205mm*315mm
    rated vol.: 24V
    Sotraged energy: 1440Wh
    output current: customized as required
    working temperature: -20 to +55 degree

    24V/60Ah portable power supply
    Suitable for radar  power supply
    small size, light weight, and easy to carry.

    outer dimentions: 250mm*140mm*165mm
    rated vol.: 24V
    Storaged energy: 360Wh
    output current: 10A

    28V/30A onboard power supply

    UAV power supply, small size, light weight
    High reliability of structural and electrical design
    Suitable for powering the device under high altitude environment

    outer dimentions: 200mm*240mm*170mm
    Rated voltage:28V
    Storaged energy: 840Wh
    output current: 30A
    Weight: 7.5KG

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